• 1,000+

    new referring domains since 2019.

  • 20%

    the cut of PerkinElmer’s life-sciences MQLS that we generate.

  • 54%

    increase in keyword rankings since 2019.

There are two main challenges when it comes to creating content for a leader in life sciences: scale and complexity. Our project management and editorial teams managed both for PerkinElmer, resulting in huge wins for the life-sciences enterprise.

“Around 20% of our leads are generated from all the work Brafton has done. They’ve met our goals and done a great job.”
– Sandra Florindi, Segment Marketing Leader, Life Science at PerkinElmer, Inc.

PerkinElmer is a colossus in the life-sciences space. The Fortune 500 notched $3.8 billion in revenue in 2021 and is still growing.

But even a company with as much clout as PerkinElmer needs help generating new leads on the web, and we are all too happy to oblige.

The Challenge

“A couple of years ago, we did a perpetual demand generation program,” Sandra Florindi, Segment Marketing Leader of Life Science at PerkinElmer, said. “We needed key opinion leadership, expert points of view and topics at the level of solutions. We also wanted to take a lot of our instrumentation as solutions to our customers and develop content that addressed their pain points to help them navigate through a virtual funnel.”

The complexities involved here were evident:

  1. Time:PerkinElmer has plenty of experts, but they’re usually busy being experts, which hamstrings their ability to produce value-add, thought-leadership content on a regular basis. This makes it tough to simultaneously launch a demand-generation and lead-generation digital marketing campaign.
  2. Subject-matter expertise (SME):Again, PerkinElmer has ample expertise; the hard part is transferring that SME to someonewho does have the timeto create content on a regular basis.

对于PerkinElmer,成功的样子like this:

  • More leads.
  • More awareness around their ideas and solutions (e.g., more backlinks to their site and more appearances in third-party publications).
  • A stronger presence on search.

Our Solution

  • 150+ total deliverables.
  • 100+ blog posts.
  • 45 white papers.

This partnership wasn’t as simple as getting an editorial debrief and hitting the presses. PerkinElmer is a trusted name in a field that’s anything but simple. We write for them about drug discovery, gene therapy, immuno oncology, virus vaccine R&D and other topics that havezeromargin for error.

So how do we do it?

  • We conduct an interview with one or more PerkinElmer subject-matter experts for every blog post and white paper we create.
  • We put each post through multiple rounds of revisions, ensuring that the respective SMEs have been able to provide input.
  • We never miss a deadline.

请记住,some of this content is 3,000+ words. We can only borrow so much of the experts’ time. The pressure is on to ask the right questions, get the answers we need and create a draft that is as close to finished as possible before passing it back to the SMEs for review.

Additionally, this content doesn’t always live on PerkinElmer’s website. Some of it is distributed to third-party publications as thought leadership to help with demand generation.

To cap it off, PerkinElmer’s marketing team is highly organized and meticulous. Deadlines are super deliberate and inflexible. Just as there’s zero margin for error in content quality, there’s zero margin for error in our delivery process.

The Outcome

  • 54% increase in keyword rankings since we started our work back in 2019.
  • 1,000+ new referring domains since 2019.
  • 20% of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) at PerkinElmer’s life-sciences segment are attributable to Brafton.
  • Many of those leads came from content that was distributed among third-party publications.

Long story short, everything we did worked.

“Around 20% of our leads are generated from all the work Brafton has done,” Sandra said. “They’ve met our goals and done a great job.”

Moreover, our project managers sailed smoothly through a multi-stakeholder content lifecycle that had plenty of potential to get choppy. This required Herculean feats of internal tracking and document management. Our project managers rose to the occasion and made it look easy.

“Project management is Brafton’s strength—they’re really good at that,” Sandra said. “We’re very clear about what our internal and external deadlines are, and they do their due diligence to make sure that those deadlines are met.”

A partnership as involved as the one we’ve forged with PerkinElmer is an ongoing endeavor. As such, we like to put our wins behind us and focus on the next milestone.

So far, this outlook seems to be working for us.

“I don’t know anything Brafton can improve on,” Sandra said. “We’re constantly upping the ante for them, and they’ve done great.”