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Is PPC Advertising Worth It? Understanding the Value of Paid Search


How can marketers know they’re making a wise investment by allotting some of their elusive marketing budgets toward a PPC campaign? Find out more.

8 Types of Banner Ads — And How To Use Them


Looking to make your banner ads stand out from the rest? Here are 8 different types of banner ads and how to use them in your digital marketing campaign.

What Are Remarketing Services? Your Guide To Second Chances


Remarketing services are your chance to get visitors back if they didn’t take action on your website. Here’s why that matters (and how to do it).

Should You Use the Google Ads Optimization Score? (Infographic)


When I’m not typing away creating marketing content, you can often find me mashing keys while playing video games. Whether I’m surviving the night in Minecraft or fending off enemies […]

5 Google Display Network Best Practices Driving Campaign ROI (Infographic)


Deciding how to target audiences with your display ad campaign? Read about these five best practices for getting the most ROI on the Google Display Network.

Display Ads: What They Are and How They Benefit Your Marketing Campaigns


Display Ads are an important portion of any marketing strategy. Learn more about how they can help you run successful campaigns and see examples.

20 Google Ads Callout Extensions Examples (B2B and B2C) [Infographic]


When writing ad copy, you’re working with a limited character count to get your message across — but there’s a solution and it’s called Google Ads Callout Extensions. Not only […]

An Introduction to the Google Ads Auction Insights Report


The Google Ads Auction Insights Report is an important tool for marketers. If you’re unfamiliar with it or how it works, don’t worry — we’ve got you!

PPC vs CPC: Understanding the Difference & Setting Up Your First Campaign


因为t-per-click, or CPC, is the total amount each click on a PPC, or pay-per-click, ad will cost the marketer. We break down the key differences between them and even how to build a winning campaign for yourself here.