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6 Email Templates to Use When Asking for Reviews


These email review templates are a simple and effective way to ask for feedback from your customers.

The Cost of Email Marketing and How to Budget For It (Infographic)


How much does it cost to attract and retain customers through an email marketing strategy, and what are the best ways to do it? We have the information you’re looking for!

提高产能,’s a Bounce Email and How Can You Fix It?


If your emails haven’t been delivered to your clients successfully, you may have a bounce email problem. Learn how to improve deliverability by fixing your email bounce rate.

Why We Love the HubSpot Signature Generator & How to Use It


Elevate your email game with the HubSpot email signature generator — a free-to-use tool with professional templates for your business.

10 Nonprofit Email Examples to Inspire Your Supporters


Email is a powerful communication tool for nonprofits. Here are 10 nonprofit email examples you can use to reach, engage and inspire your supporters.

Email Marketing Agencies: Your Partners in Email Excellence


What are email marketing agencies and how can they help take your emails to the next level? Let’s take a closer look at this promising partnership!

7 Email Campaign Optimization Tactics Proven to Boost Performance


Optimize your email campaigns with these proven techniques, from copy and design to UX and automation.

9 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns to Master This Year


Of the numerous types of email marketing campaigns available to you, which ones are best suited for your business and marketing goals?

30 Funny Email Sign Offs That Are Better Than “Best” (Infographic)


Bored of your go-to closers? For some fun and attention-grabbing inspiration, check out these hilarious email sign offs!